Well met, friend

I’m Blair Thornburgh: writer, medieval scholar, eater of snacks, and girl wonder. I’m a little over under a year away from obtaining an expensive and terrifyingly useless liberal arts degree. This blog is for essays about my life, rants about the little ironies that drive me crazy, and for writing practice. Sometimes funny, all good.

Questions, Occasionally Asked (QOAs)

What do you write?

Besides this? Fiction: young adult novels, occasionally historical romances. Never poetry. Frequently grocery lists.

What’s with the blog name?

The name of the blog is Vitae Curriculum for several reasons, not the least of which being that Curriculum Vitae was already taken. It means “life’s course,” or, as I like to say, “the running around of life,” which I do a fair amount of.

What’s your other blog again?

Meltdowns is for food. Mais, Non was a journal of my Paris life junior year.

Where do you live?

Nice try, internet rapemurderer! Let’s just say I divide my time between Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, and Montreal, because that sounds cooler than “I’m still in college and visit my parents and friends a lot”


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