The Latest in a Series of Bodily Awareness Posts

January 29, 2012 § 1 Comment

So now that I’m lifting all those weights and doing all that running and still being conscious of my psoas, you all just knew that it was a matter of time before something in my body broke down and had a tantrum. Well, guess what? Something has gone amiss!

It’s my knee. I think after doing all those mighty squats combined with the unfortunate wintry necessity of the hamster-wheel atmosphere that is the treadmill, something popped or locked and now it hurts to sit or run unless I cushion my patella with a half-frozen bag of Trader Joe’s Petite Peas. Now, I am not going to whine, particularly because HELLO, it could be so much worse (see: my dear Aunt E. who recently broke her own knee and is now laid up watching people murder each other through her rear window. Also Jason Street, the poor guy*), but I will allow myself to indulge in admitting that in some sick, masochistic way, it’s affirming. When I asked Shannon (my default consult in terms of anything running-related, and also a smart person), she said I should probably RICE it and cut back on my mileage. Which, of course, is great advice, but all I heard was MILEAGE! Because I have MILEAGE! As in PLURAL MILES THAT I RUN!

Is this sick? This is sick. My body is snapping into pieces like an old-school Polly Pocket and all I can do is grin stupidly because it sure beats dying of muscle atrophy? I’m neither an osteopath nor a behavioral psychologist, but that seems unhealthy on both counts. And the bottom line (I can’t run) is also shitty, which is bizarre in and of itself. Since when would I consider lying on the couch, not sweating, breathing easily missing out? That should be the best time!

But it’s okay, really. I will take a little break from my less-than-strenuous 5K training, give all those tendons a chance to snap back into place, and pray that time does heal all wounds, and hopefully with minimal scar tissue.

*Oh my God you guys Friday Night LIGHTS! Am I right?!


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