Thoughts as I write my third novel

November 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • This sucks
  • This sucks
  • God, this sucks
  • Adverbs ahoy!
  • Ooh, let’s have the dad character wear a goofy Scuba-Diving related t-shirt in the climactic argument scene
  • A pun on the word cappuccino is always appreciated, right?
  • If I make the protagonist short and brunette, it will definitely be less obvious that she is based on me
  • When I say this sucks, I am referring to both the process of writing and the product it creates
  • Dammit, I should’ve written a dog in here somewhere
  • Logical scene transitions WHAT ARE THOSE
  • Why do I always spell it vocabularly
  • I could take an entire flock’s worth of birds by bird and STILL HAVE NO PLOT
  • Definitely going to nickname this car the Land Whale
  • Oh wait, except now I need it to be a pickup truck
  • The older sister character’s fiancĂ© is going to bring her macaroni and cheese in New York and IT WILL BE SO ROMANTIC
  • This sucks
  • This sucks

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