Grownuppitude beckons

October 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

My usual whirlwind of back-to-school activities is slanting hard towards actual responsibilities. Gone are the days of merely remembering to buy notebooks and pencils and printer cartridges. Now I have bills to pay! And a job to work at! And also coursework, I guess!

I know, I know; college is totally fakey-adulthood and the Real World Is Realer and all that, but sometimes I’ll be doing something innocuous like buying a red tube dress for my Homestar Runner Halloween costume on eBay and I get all HOLD UP WHO SAID I COULD HAVE A CREDIT CARD. I don’t think I’m ready for that kind of thing! Mostly because I keep forgetting my online bill-paying password!

But people around me are growing up. My oldest cousin just got married. I have two Facebook friends MY OWN AGE that are engaged. Outside the realm of interpersonal relations, I’m all of a sudden about to write a 40-page paper comparing two very old texts in two very foreign, very dead languages. How is that even conceivable?

And somehow I got a car.

Oh, the car. THE CAR. You guys, my parents are selling me a car at a low, low rate and I’ve already broken it. Somehow, probably stupidly, I toasted the battery and had to do a litany of complicated things like CALL TRIPLE-A and STAND AND WATCH INTENTLY AS MY BATTERY WAS REPLACED. This took a little getting used to. But at least it wasn’t the alternator*.

I’ve also had to do many more menial things like buy food (which I not-so-secretly love, so no big), assemble an Ikea bed BY MYSELF and barefoot (not recommended), and set up a savings plan with the intent of squirreling away enough money to support myself when I’m jobless and living illegally in Canada. On the whole, these things, all these things, are surprisingly easy. Given that I’m completely unemployable (it has been recommended that I try temping upon graduation), I should probably be a lot less cavalier (and a lot more frugal). But then I remember that once, the idea of getting my driver’s license existed in the gaping void of the future, and I rose to that occasion only two years later than normal!

So, my immediate goal, until I can conceive of a better one, is a moving target: learn on the fly. Also: buy printer cartridges.

*This is a very bad thing to have break, or so I’ve been told


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