August 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

You must know a few RENT kids. They’re practically stock characters for our generation; every school has them, à la the Horse Girl*. You know: they were all obsessed with how edgy it was and how great the music was and living A Bohemian Life which to them meant…listening to the RENT soundtrack while smoking pot and dabbling in homosexuality. My first encounter with RENT was when we were forced to sing a medley of its best (relatively speaking) songs for the school chorus concert, a decision which to this day confuses me (“A musical about AIDS and drug addicts? Oh, let’s give that to the tenth graders!). I was never cool enough to raise a hackle over this artistic travesty, though, since I was really busy doing important things like playing Neopets and eating Pop-tarts.

So when I (a full almost-four years out of high school) realized that RENT takes place where Iwas going to live for a large part of my summer,** I was all, “haha, whatever, I am too cool to care about that, and La Bohème was better anyway.” But now, after sleeping on a limp mattress and eating beans out of a can for 8 weeks, I’ve contracted a potentially deadly chest cold that has me hacking up sputum and cracking ribs with each coughing fit. Yes: I have become Mimi. Only it’s kind of a weird hybrid Mimi who has consumption (La Bohème) yet lived in New York (RENT) but still had a tiny apartment (both) and doesn’t have AIDS and a heroin problem (RENT) or a job as a seamstress (La Bohème).

It sucks. Even after I’ve taken myself out of the East Village, I can’t take the East Village out of my lungs. I guess if I perish, I can at least posthumously lord it over all the bohemian suburbanites with Idina Menzel posters and be like, yeah, I lived la vie bohème so hard I died. Light that candle, bitches.

*If you can’t name a Horse Girl from high school, you are the Horse Girl.
**The East Village, New York City. Have you been paying no attention?!


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