That New York Look!!

July 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m no clotheshorse. Most of my wardrobe comes from the Salvation Army, which means most of my clothes are old and none of them fit. But! I do notice trends on those people around me, and since not all of you lucky people are as privy to the fashionable high streets of New York City as I am, I figured I’d share my observations.

  • Hair piled, genie-style, in a knob on top of the head. This is a good summer look because it keeps hair off your neck, I guess? And it looks ridiculous despite being practical. So cool!
  • Sandals with zippers in the back. Because sandals don’t already have enough fobs and jingles to futz with, amirite, girls?!
  • Very long skirts. This I am in favor of, mainly because it is stylish and yet still allows me to do my favorite summer activity of Not Shaving My Legs.
  • Roybons. My generic word for Rayban-like sunglasses, purchaseable from streetside vendors for much less than the real McCoy. One time my dad had a pair he got in China with the misspelled brand name emblazoned thusly on the side, LOL.
  • Actual books. These are a hot accessory. Seriously, I’ve never seen as many people reading in public as I do on the subway here. Literate! Classy! Nobody reads romance novels!
  • Big shirts with big armholes and a bandeau bra. It’s kind of like when you got a big t-shirt from Field Hockey or Jesus Camp and you would cut fringe into the sides and tie it up to make it all “cool” and “DIY,” only now you’re skipping all the steps and just lopping off enough of the sleeve to expose your bonerack insides and American Apparel bra.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee. I can’t explain this. But people drink it everywhere. 
Tune in next time for an installment on music that’s supposed to be cool but I don’t like very much!

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