The Only Girl Living in New York

June 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

You guys, you guys. This city is full of stuff to do. Here is a list of things I have done thus far-ly:

  • Gone to a “pay-what-you-want”* yoga class so intense I couldn’t stay in downward dog from the sweat
  • Eaten lunch at a restaurant that serves nothing but macaroni and cheese
  • Saw The Colbert Report being filmed, live and in person, thanks to the generosity of a total stranger on the internet
  • Been to two Farmers’ Markets and not left disappointed
  • Walked in a sunshower through Union Square
  • Sang Taylor Swift (“Love Story”, natch) at an Asian karaoke bar
  • Witnessed to a mermaid-themed parade on Coney Island and the copious boobage that ensued
  • Had my first Old Rasputin at a Mexican-themed craft-beer-selling bar
  • Brunched, of course of course
  • Chucked crumpled-up cheap beer cans from the roof towards the air conditioners of the building across the way
And it’s been exactly one week. Is this not awesome?! I realize I am comically late to the “New York Is Awesome” game, but tra la la, I don’t care.
Not that there isn’t a down side, and here it is: everything’s expensive, and I don’t really know anyone in the city. I keep seeing things that are awesome (Dial M for Murder in the original 3D?!) and then being disappointed (twelve-fifty? Fuck that!) or alone. And I’m not against being brave and striking out on my own for stuff, but I find that it’s hard to do that when you constantly have to remind yourself which direction to take the L lest you get stranded in Brooklyn on a workday. Also: friends are fun, and I kind of miss everyone from Chicadelphreal that I usually do goofy things with.
The advantage of having lived in so many urban centers (okay, what, 3? That’s many!) is that I know that this is normal, ish. I have broken an egg and not cried about it, I have felt scared but have not caved in, I have not yet felt the need to pop Ativan like they’re Lifesavers**. But it’s tricky! And I need people to drink beer and go to story slams and comedy shows and bluegrass bars with!
Out-of-town readers, consider this an open invitation to visit. You can sleep on the floor of my kitchen/living-room. Also, bring cash.
*And I want to pay nothing! How karmatic of me!
**Which they kind of are, if you think about it

§ One Response to The Only Girl Living in New York

  • kathy says:

    blaiirr! this post made me want to hang out with you! why is half of america in between us?! i hope you have tons of fun! =D

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