Thoughts from a Productive Weekend

May 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • Chicago really only has three seasons: Winter, Sprwinterumn, and Summer*. 66% of those are characterized by intense precipitation, wind, and a general inability to find your goddamn umbrella when you need it.
  • Homemade parmesan cornmeal crisps put the crack in cracker. Also: cheese sticks to things and baking stones are very hot when attempting to use fingertips as chisels.
  • Stretchy pants: for yoga? For jogging? For ever. 
  • Greenhouses are miraculous and sometimes eating an entire tomato from the Farmers’ Market is springlike enough to keep you from despairing too much. That said, it’s harder than you think to make a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich when you’ve only ever heard of them before.
  • Also: do blue chickens lay blue eggs? Neither I, my organic-farming-companion, nor the young man at the meat stand could puzzle this out accurately.
  • Detroit: Perhaps A Desperate Post-Graduation Option?
  • Why do we say putting out but getting off? Who makes these prepositional allocation decisions?
  • If your party ends up involving a crescendo of chanting for a deceased mannequin named Bernie, it’s probably best not to answer the subsequent police questioning after his whereabouts with an enthusiastic “HE’S DEAD!”
  • Chris O’Dowd is adorable and I will die to defend this statement. Kristen Wiig’s blazer-and-sundress look is soon to be stolen by me.
  • Getting your intern pants altered by Barack Obama’s tailor may be expensive, but it does give you bragging rights and slacks that hopefully no longer sag in the butt.
  • Shakshuka: the cheap meal that will sustain me throughout the summer, I think.
  • Scav hunt provided me with, among other things, a pair of slipper socks. I do not know whose they are, but they are not leaving my feet for the foreseeable future.
  • It is and has always been my policy to buy child’s tickets to the movies online and I will stop this practice only when they require DNA testing to prove I’m under 12**
  • Maybe I should do homework instead of making lists but it’s 45 and raining and I can’t be bothered
*this one only in theory
**even at R-rated movies, I’ve never been caught

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