Over the Weather

April 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

You see what I did there?

Well, I was going to write this probing and philosophical post about the nature of weather and how it affects me and my worldview, but I was pretty much scooped by The Awl (story of my life now, LOL!).

And yet! I used to think that only boring people talk about the weather. It’s so…common. In all senses of the word. It represented a lack of conversational imagination. I even resented my favorite Sims when they ended up chatting animatedly with a big SUN icon in their speech bubble.

But now, 5 weeks into a spring that has seen only two days with a sunny sky and a temperature above 63, I’m just goddamn done. I don’t care. I will talk about the weather to anyone with functioning ears, and even that is negotiable. The rain! These clouds! The cold! Why can’t I just get outside in my sundress! have become my go-to conversation starters. When my supervisor at work greets me with a “How’s it going?” I reply with detached hopelessness: “It’s raining again.” Emotions and weather correlate inextricably, and I am not just saying this to justify the 200 bucks my parents spent on a 10,000 lux sunlamp for me.

Anyway, tomorrow it might be nice and kind of warm. I would be excited, but dammit, I am not a Sim.


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