April 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Watching the Lifetime Original Movie “Playing House” last night made me seethe a little. I know, I know, shouldn’t they all, blah blah. But this one was particularly hilariously bad because the main character was a quirkily disorganized book editor who ends up pregnant and stuck back home in Canada! It was like The Proposal, only without anything like Betty White or Ryan Reynold’s abs to make it remotely watchable.

But I digress. What got my goat about it was how little this woman actually worked. I know that action in a narrative is important and no one wants to see hours of her just sitting at her desk working through the slush pile and circling things with red pens, but really. Her being an editor had little to nothing to do with the plot. She should have just been a quirky barista or a quirky art gallery girl or a quirky dog walker or something. And! Editors do not, as I understand it, meet with authors played by Fake Mike Rowe to hash out themes for their “Pulitzer winning”* magnum opus. Also, if you’re an editor and you’re late to a meeting with your boss and a client, that’s not hilarious, that’s you losing your job. Also also, you have more than one client at a time and are usually phenomenally busy working hard for them and don’t have time to see your scruffy boyfriend play the electric rake in his experimental jazz group. And usually your token Slutty Best Friend For Life from high school doesn’t also work at the same agency.

Argh! I know I’m only an intern-in-waiting, but I feel like I know more about the publishing industry than Lifetime™’s movie team. I feel like how my mom must feel every time Desperate Housewives alludes to Teri Hatcher’s career as a children’s book illustrator.

*This phrase was dropped literally every time the poor writer came onscreen


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