Oops, oops, oops

March 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hi, I’m Blair. Remember me? I’m kind of like an exaggerated, cartoonish version of every white, middle-class coed you’ve ever met, who does things like starting blogs and then not writing anything for a while.

Ha ha ha, how meta! But seriously. I’m going to do this. I do like writing, after all. I just needed a mental break. The whole finals-week-and-stress-induced-illness thing took a lot out of me. But in the meantime, I’ve gotten a groovy new haircut, a bitchin’ internship, a new stamp in my passport, rejected from a credit card, and a sinus infection. Yay! (?)

Now, back to school, which means a semicomprehensible daily routine (now with more job-having!) that will hopefully leave plenty of time for me to bore you with tales of Renaissance Demonology, bread-baking, and the challenges of living such an awesome life*. Maybe some essays about How I Spent My Spring Break? Whaddya say?

In the mean time, my neti pot is calling my name. Which…is gross, if you think about it.

*I sound sarcastic, but I swear I’m not. As Lexie would say, GREAT LIFE.


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