In which our heroine dies of exhaustion

March 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

You guys may have to give me a bit of a break in the coming days. Okay?

I spent literally the entire day (a Saturday, no less) in the library. And not the charming, stained-glass-and-stone-wall library. The Depressing Industrial Library With Endless Metal Bookshelves. I wrote about 700 words in French and tramped all over looking for books on medieval translation theory, incredibly amused by the fact that one was written by a guy named Serge Lusignan*. I ate egg salad alone in a corner and listened to Guillaume Dufay and Thomas Tallis through the one functional earbud in my headset, typing or reading the whole time.

But even after 6 hours, I’m only halfway done with one of three, goddammit. So even though I’d much rather expound upon the meaningless idiosyncrasies of my life, I can’t really spare the time at the mo. Forgive, please. I’ll be back eventually.

*Lusignan, guys! Like, the fortress built by the titular heroine of the Roman de Mélusine? Anyone? Okay, it’s like having an English historian named John Camelot. See? There’s the lolz.


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