Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit

March 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

To my cherished readership of four or five: I’m sorry! I was…busy? But I don’t intend to abandon this!

Really, though. It’s beginning to be finals time, which for me just means papers. That’s 5-7 pages on a German (Bach) in English, 10-12 pages in English on Latin, and 8-10 pages in on the Latin sources of the Roman d’Alexandre, filtered through an English translation with a German commentary. In French. My education, she is so melding together!

Also, I woke up this morning after going to bed at 9:30 (yes) and it was March 1. So there’s that for terrifying.

Now, I keep having sort of semi-ideas for writing blog posts, but they keep getting shortchanged by other, more “necessary” writing (see above, and also cover letters that are basically some variant on “Dear Penguin/HarperCollins/Slate/Levine Greenberg Literary Agency/Starbucks PLEASE HIRE ME I’LL BE THE BEST INTERN EVAR”). Here are some things that have not yet come to full, blogtastic* fruition:

  • An annotated map of Hyde Park that I drew more or less from memory
  • How convinced I am that I have celiac disease, and why everyone in my life needs to stop telling me to be rational, okay, because maybe I like freaking out about it
  • The 17 romance novels I bought at Borders when it was going out of business**
  • An illustrated list of every single cardigan I own
  • An essay expressing my profound love for my fake sun lamp
  • How much I have to struggle not to laugh when my Latin class has serious debates about the Neoplatonic undercurrents of a novel that includes a scene with a donkey using explosive diarrhea as a getaway distraction

Will I ever find time to write about that? Does it even sound interesting? Don’t answer that. At any rate, happy March. I’ve got some reading to do.

*what a terrible word EW EW EW
**actually the greatest. They were a dollar each! And if I do this professionally I can write them off! Not that I pay taxes, but whatever!


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