Makeover, makeover, makeover

February 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

Yesterday, my life felt like a scene from 13 Going On 30. Everything was all about moving forward! And being a cheerful person…nay, a cheerful girl!

In the morning, I spent half an hour getting some surprisingly helpful advice on what to do about My Future and how not to despair. And I was not mocked for wanting to be a romance novelist. And I was told I am a “good egg.” This is wonderful to hear; you have no idea. Inner self confidence: check.

The afternoon was when I went full-on makeover. Armed with an iPod-full of jangly, girl-power 2 tha max, I arrived bleary and half-frozen at the Water Tower Place for a brief foray into Real Chicago in order to improve my outward appearance. Lilly at Sephora admired my soft skin (it’s the alpha hydroxy lotion, I said, and she nodded knowingly) and loaded me down with tinted moisturizer, sparkly eyeliner, 5-color eyeshadow palette, mascara, and lip stain. In her hands, I looked, if you’ll pardon the expression, like a total babe.

I swaggered on upstairs to the Vidal Sassoon school of hair-whatevery, where the bubbly Elle (my student) was waiting to chop off my hair in preparation for her test on layers next weekend (Sassoon, she told me, is like getting your beauty school Masters). She was cute and chatty and very excited about giving me an asymmetrical look while preserving my curls. So I let her do it, and she only snipped my ear once, and just barely, and two hours later I looked kind of like a scenester, curly-haired, Kate Gosselin, with pink-stained lips and shiny eyelids. Only, I think I like it. Outer beauty: check.

Today, by contrast, I spent hours–plural–writing a cover letter and quadruple-checking the spelling of everything on my resume*. But that’s done now, too, and so the future can come at me. I’m ready. I have a real haircut and makeup that’s not made by Lip Smackers. The world is mine!

*This included much hand-wringing over whether or not to include “no pun intended” after mentioning my “passion for romance novels”


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