An auspicious start

January 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Okay, okay. I have this problem of not being able to do things after a certain point. Like, if I wait more than two days to reply to an email, the reply is never sent, because a two-day-late email is inherently imperfect and if I send it and you get it then I, also, will be imperfect and so maybe it’s better just not to send it at all and continue watching 90s music videos on YouTube.

So this new blog was a project I was Very Determined to get going and then…didn’t. I had great excuses. I was like, “as soon as I unpack, I’ll start the blog!” or “as soon as I’ve bought all my textbooks, I’ll start the blog!” and eventually “as soon as I’ve picked just the exact right hexadecimal color for the header text, THE BLOG SHALL BEGIN.”

But really, I can come up with this kind of crap all day. I’m very good at it. Also, I will never be fully unpacked, and who cares what color things are? So I give you this: a blog, imperfect, but extant, at least. More to come later, of course, but for now I have some S Club 7 videos I desperately need to re-watch.


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